Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ugh. I'm sick. Stomach bug. Came on very quickly. Spent some time throwing up last night. Can barely stomach water today. Carbs go down okay but anything else makes my stomach just churn. Hate being sick - especially on th weekend.

Friday, January 28, 2011


On Saturday, after I gained a miserable 3.2 pounds at weight in, I went to the gym with the intentions to do spin class. Was a bit intimidated by Barbie and Ken times 10 so I decided to jump on the dreadmill. I found myself punching the 5K button and did a walk/jog in 48 minutes.

This morning I convinced my workout buddy John to do a 5K with me too. This morning I did it in 46:30 and I felt a lot better doing it. Just shows you that a little work does pay off.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny conversation in my house

This is an actual conversation that occured in our house last night at about 10 pm.

DH (dear husband): I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
Me: Sorry....about what????
DH: I'm sorry but I'm STARVING!
Me: Okay, so????
DH: So, I am trying to be supportive of your weight loss efforts and I'm trying to not tempt you but I HAVE to eat something.
Me: Umm, that's fine. Go ahead.
DH: Really? Okay...great!

(scene) Me, laying on the couch. DH, sitting in a chair next to me chomping on Lime Tortilla chips straight out of the bag

DH: Wow, I was hungry!
Me: Yea?
DH: Yea, sorry I'm eating in front of you.
Me: No, it's fine. I'm just laying here. The taste of my saliva tastes so good that I don't even NEED those delicious lime tortilla chips you're shoving into your mouth like you didn't eat dinner a few hours ago!

NSV - I didn't eat ONE chip. Not one. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I DON'T want!

I think as Weight Watchers we talk a lot about what we want. Today, I'm going to talk about what I don't want.
  1. DIABETES. I had gestational diabetes and therefore, I'm at more risk of developing diabetes. I've always just kind of said, "yea, yea" when my doc has told me that. But recently, I feel like God has been testing me. I've heard a lot of people talking about diabetes and how horrible it is. Finally, last night I said to God, "okay, I hear you loud and clear."
  2. FAT MOM SYNDROME. I don't want to be a fat mom. I don't want my kids to be embarrassed of me when I take them to school. Part of the reason for kicking this stuff into high gear is realizing taking my oldest to kindergarten isn't that far off. August of this year. THIS YEAR! I want to look back at those pictures and those memories and be proud of both of us.
  3. SELF CONFIDENCE ISSUES. I have always considered myself a fairly confident person. I will try new things, speak in public, introduce myself to a stranger. But recently, I've seen my self confidence begin to slip. I've found myself avoiding social events because I know I will see someone who will likely talk away and say, "umm, SHE gained weight." I'm tired of that. I want my confidence back!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Controlling your environment

I've been thinking about this for some time. A lot of people will say one thing that is key to losing weight and changing your diet is to control your environment. Rid it of junk food. Surround yourself with healthy options.

I would say our home has plenty of healthy options. Low fat cheese, fruits, veggies, natural peanut butter, whole grain breads.

But I also have a husband who is naturally thin, eats what he wants and enjoys ice cream, tortilla chips, etc. My kids eat those things - also in moderation.

Me? I'm the only one who doesn't eat those things in moderation. But why should they "suffer" because Mommy can't stay away from the chips? I know, I know. It's not healthy for them to eat those things either. BUT, I also want my girls to learn to have "bad" foods around and control themselves. Unlike their mommy.

I've thought about making a box/tupperware thing and putting some of the more junky options in there. If I do that, my hubby may committ me. :)

So, how do YOU control your environment?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I bought a pair of jeans before Christmas online. They were a great price. They came, they didn't fit. I was mad. I put them on a week ago and was able to wear them by using the rubberband trick I learned when I was pregnant. Loop a rubberband around the button and run through the hole for the button and loop back around. Keeps the pants up and together without actually buttoning.

Today? Today I am wearing the jeans. No rubberband. Just wearing them.

Gotta remember that when faced with the cake downstairs. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's for dinner?

This is Lemon Chicken in a Crock Pot. It was pretty easy. Lets see how tasty it is! Pairing it with whole wheat couscous and a veggie. Yummers!

I've identified a pattern

I've noticed something. My tolerance for eating right and exercising is about 10 days. Then something happens. A work meeting that involves catered food, a football party with too much cookies and dip and not enough celery and carrots. I give myself permission to eat the junk and promise I'll return to my lovely Weight Watchers journal. Only, I don't. And then I promise tomorrow will be the day. And it isn't.

10 days.

Well, a ten day committment isn't going to get me to my goal of losing 60 pounds this year, is it?

I lost 4.4 pounds at my meeting on Jan. 8th. I promptly went on a 9 day eating binge and I un-did everything I lost. Greeaat!

BUT, I'm back on it. Drinking my water, journaling my food, exercising, and praying to God to help me break this vicious cycle of eating like a maniac.

I've been reading The Lord's Table and it's really helped me to put in perspective of WHY I should get healthy. I need to honor God. He gave me this body and it's not MY choice to abuse it.

Moving on, I'm moving on.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

ONE THING for 2011

It's 2011 - a new year. A new year often brings new resolutions. I am not alone. I started the new year with things I resolved to do. I went to church this morning and learned that 40-some percent of resolutions are broken sometime in January. 70-some percent are broken by Valentine's Day. I want to be different.

The ONE THING I want for 2011 is to lose weight. That's not really any different than most resolutions I have made in the last decade. This year is different though. I'm doing

I resolve to lose 60 pounds in 2011 and blog about it. That's 5 pounds a month for 12 months. The math is simple. The work is not so simple but I'm doing it.

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." Isaiah 43: 18

What is the ONE THING you're going to do in 2011?