Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goals for the week!

I have one goal for the week - journal and stay in points the entire week. That's it. Just one. I'm hoping that by doing that, the byproduct is losing 2.4 pounds which is my not-really-a-goal-goal. See, the 10 pound challenge is already 2 weeks down and I'm only .6 pounds down total. So, in order to keep up with my weight loss requirements to get 10 pounds in 10 weeks I need to lose 2.4 this upcoming week. Got it?

I've started night journaling again and that really helps me. I start my points at dinnertime and they carry through until dinnertime the next day. It's totally in my head but it helps me.

So, what's your goal this week? How will you achieve it? Barriers to success?? Lets talk!

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