Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anyone having trouble commenting?

Everytime I try to comment on someone's blog, it says I didn't type in the "secret" code thing right. I know I did....it just keeps doing that. My friend Megan said I had to enable cookies. I did that. It worked once but not again. I take that back, it let me comment one time. Anyone, anyone? But if you're having problems, you probably can't comment on my blog post to tell me you're having trouble. AHHH!


  1. Girl! I am having ALL SORTS of freakin blogger issues! It wouldn't let me comment for forever, and still does it every now and then (uncheck the "stay signed in" box at log in) - and NOW under my blog list people are magically appearing and dissappearing!! EEEHHHH!!!

  2. I found when using Internet Explorer, I went to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Medium-High and then restart IE.

    In Firefox, you would go to Edit> Preferences> Privacy and allow cookies.

    Hope that helps!