Monday, September 26, 2011

I survived a weekend on the Beach!

I did it! I did it! I survived my weekend weekend on South Beach. I had many challenges and I think I did okay on them!

Challenge 1 - Out to dinner for Chinese
Outcome - had Beef and Brocolli - NO RICE. NO CRISPY NOODLE things

Challenge 2 - Birthday cake
Outcome - had the smallest little tiny taste. It was soooo sweet. My tastebuds have already changed!

Challenge 3 - Bridal shower luncheon
Outcome - Ate the chicken salad on lettuce and that's it (it did have maybe 3 total grapes in it. Oh well)

Challenge 4 - Bridal shower pie
Outcome - Ate more chicken salad

Overall, doing well. I'm on Day #7 of the first Phase and I'm down 5 pounds.


  1. way to go! wish i was as good as you were this past weekend...... :oX lol

  2. That's a lot of temptation with all that good food, but you did it! Good job Kara!